This section provides links to downloadable files for all the modules within Data for Decision-Making curriculum. To download files for each module please click on the links below and the download will start automatically.

Each module contains the following:

  • A downloadable Powerpoint (.ppt) slide deck for the module
  • Instructor's guide
  • Student handbook
  • Guide for each activity contained in the module

Module Module Name File Approx. File Size
Module 1 Introduction to Data for Decision-Making Instructor Guide 6.3MB
Presentation 6.4MB
Student Handbook 78KB
Activity 1.1 65KB
Activity 1.2 351KB
Full Module (.zip) 12.7MB
Module 2 Assessing Your Organization's Data Culture Instructor Guide 5.5MB
Presentation 6.3MB
Student Handbook 4.2MB
Activity 2.1 45KB
Activity 2.2 1.8MB
Full Module (.zip) 16.4MB
Module 3 Introduction to the Data Lifecycle - Collecting Data Instructor Guide 104KB
Presentation 2.2MB
Student Handbook 102KB
Activity 3.1 59KB
Activity 3.2 332KB
Full Module (.zip) 2.3MB
Module 4 Introduction to the Data Lifecycle - Analyzing and Sharing Data Instructor Guide 231KB
Presentation 504KB
Student Handbook 215KB

Activity 4.1

Activity 4.1 Data



Activity 4.2 1.2MB
Full Module (.zip) 1.5MB
Module 5 Applying Data for Decision-Making to Your Organization, Part 1 Instructor Guide 74KB
Presentation 252KB
Student Handbook 63KB
Activity 5.1 54KB
Activity 5.2 153KB
Full Module (.zip)
Module 6 Applying Data for Decision-Making to Your Organization, Part 2 Instructor Guide 48KB
Presentation 200KB
Full Module (.zip) 94KB